Terms & Conditions


I am excited that you are making this investment in your career success.

All content presented during this live event is copyrighted and is the sole property of Steve Frederick and Jack Chapman. It is delivered for the educational awareness and development of registered participants. Recording or otherwise duplicating event content by any means and delivery outside of the event is explicitly prohibited without the specific written approval of Steve Frederick. Registrants are permitted and encouraged to take notes for personal use.

Event registration fees are not refundable and subject to a single promotional offer. No two promotional offers can be combined. Should the event be cancelled or otherwise not provided, the full registration fee will be returned within 10 business days to the original payment source provided by the purchaser.

I am invested in making this a great experience for all. I encourage participation and questions. Certainly, I don’t anticipate any disruptive behavior that would diminish the value received by others, but for the benefit of all, I stipulate that should anyone be disruptive, they will be asked to leave the event and their registration fee will not be returned.

The content provided during this event is the result of many years of time-tested research, development and professional experience. I cannot promise that anyone will leave with a perfect resume, LinkedIn profile, or perfect anything. Rather, this workshop will provide tools participants can use to build a successful job campaign and an amazing career.

I look forward to your attendance and participation.

All My Best,
Steve Frederick