I highly recommend Steve Frederick to anyone seeking an upward spiral move in their career. Through a journey of self-discovery, Steve allowed me to see who I really was and identify my skills and passion. His enthusiasm, creativity and expertise were the elements I needed during my campaign. I now have a profitable job that I really love and find meaningful.
Andre Margossian,
Hey Steve, I just got a job doing environmental work. Thanks again for the resume, a lot of the things you wrote were what they were asking me about in the interview.
Eric Matiasek,
I was new to the Chicago area when my non-profit job fell through. I had very few contacts in the Chicago area and didn’t know where to begin as far as networking. I met with Steve and we sorted out where my skills and experience fell into my job search. I was able to start networking and selling my skills and found a good solid job within a short time. Steve is extremely professional and I’d recommend him to anyone.
Christopher Whitaker,
I worked with Steve shortly after graduation. I knew a lot about finance, computers, and data analysis, but had no idea how to market myself. He made the job search much easier by helping me speak about myself powerfully, upgrading my resume and LinkedIn profile, and generally showing me how to do an effective search. I was hired just a few weeks after starting work with him. The skills I learned will benefit me in the next job search and the next.
Geoffrey Coe,
When I first came to you, I was lost and frustrated. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I thought I was a hopeless case, and too young to really benefit from your help. But Steve, with much patience and compassion, helped me develop a career identity... and all at once, I knew passionately what I wanted to do. And within weeks, with your and Jack's direction, I was doing it! I'm still reeling at the speed with which your methods help me find the perfect job, pay raise, and free ride through graduate school. Thank you so much.
Sarah Matthews,